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PeaceTree Training - Potential Interns

Thanks for your interest in considering PeaceTree as a potential training center for you.  We imagine that you have invested plenty in your education and you are eager to put your clinical education, research and training to the next level.  At PeaceTree we are dedicated to providing our patients the very best now and in the future and therefore we take training the next generation of psychotherapists very seriously and feel it is important to help build strong colleagues for the future. We also believe that the cost of therapy should not hold anyone back from being able to access high quality treatment.  Our Training Center was created as a solution to this problem.  Therapy is important.  Therapy is expensive.  Excellent clinical training and mentoring is necessary to guide and add to the next generation of well-trained psychotherapists. 

Our interns at PeaceTree become an integral part of our PeaceTree community with an extra level of support and guidance from all of our team.

Our training year is from Mid-August for an entire year for postdoctoral interns and mid-august until mid-June for our master’s level interns.

We have a strong clinical didactics schedule that occurs weekly or bi-weekly for masters interns, postdoctoral interns and all interested psychotherapists and psychologists and have included but are not limited to the following topics:  CBT case formulation, Motivational Interviewing, Cultural Humility and Antiracism, Co-Occurring Disorders, Trauma-Informed interventions, existential psychotherapy, eating disorders, an Introduction to Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, Co-parenting, counseling and considerations for LGBTQIA+ psychotherapy and Autism assessments. 

If you are a student and interested in learning more about our Training program please contact us at

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