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PeaceTree Counseling and Consulting has a history of providing teletherapy for several years and now teletherapy has become a standard method for therapy. At PeaceTree, teletherapy is offered as a regular service to those who would rather see their therapist remotely.

Telehealth is a rapidly growing way of providing psychological and medical care. You can connect with PeaceTree directly from your home using video and audio on your computer, laptop, ipad, or even cell phone at no additional cost utilizing our HIPAA-compliant Zoom to offer the highest level of protection and confidentiality.

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Telehealth, also called teletherapy or virtual therapy, provides the same quality of therapy that you would receive in our offices but in the comfort of your own home. Your therapist will ensure you understand how to access the therapy session via video and answer any questions that you may have.


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