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PeaceTree Training - Postdoctoral Interns

Our postdoctoral interns at PeaceTree have graduated from a doctoral program in clinical psychology, completed a dissertation (an independent clinical research in their area of clinical interest), completed a clinical practicum as well as a full-time full year predoctoral clinical training.  Many of our postdoctoral interns become a fully licensed psychologist during their postdoctoral intern year but choose to take this extra training year which is not necessary in the state of Pennsylvania but still needed in many neighboring states.

At PeaceTree our postdoctoral interns are in charge of responding to emails and after hours answering service calls, organizing and running group supervision and didactics training as well as participating in at least two hours of individual supervision with a licensed psychologist and one hour of group supervision each week.   

Dr. Ashley DeBlasi, Psy.D.

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