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PeaceTree offers psychological assessments for all ages. Psychological assessments are used to help highlight a person’s strengths and struggles, connect you with additional support/services, enhance self knowledge, as well as further guide treatment. The underlying cause of someone’s challenges is not typically clear cut. For example, if a person is having challenges with completing tasks and sustaining attention at work, do they have attention problems such as ADHD? Or could it be better explained by the person’s history and mood symptoms? 

Psychological evaluations measure and observe behaviors to confirm or rule out a diagnosis and can be used to inform/create targeted interventions that address underlying concerns. PeaceTree specializes in psychological assessments for all ages. Our assessment process provides a comprehensive approach which includes a clinical interview with client and/or parent/caregiver, subsequent testing sessions, and a feedback session. The number of sessions for the test process is dependent upon the type of evaluation as well as your individual needs.


We tailor the assessment process to identify your individualized needs because we understand that assessments need to suit your referral/reason for testing. The report is a comprehensive report which reviews the results of the testing and provides individualized recommendations for the person that can be implemented in a variety of contexts. The feedback session is where the report will be reviewed and any questions can be addressed to ensure that the client/family understands the meaning of the results.



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491 Allendale Road
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King of prussia medical center

Philadelphia, PA

1819 JFK Blvd.,
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Suite 302
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Philadelphia office - Sterling Building on JFK blvd.
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