PeaceTree Training

Creating Balance for a Better Life

Director of clinical Training at PeaceTree
Dr. David LaMantia Psy.D.

My approach to therapy centers around helping the client identify goals for growth, and collaborating on ways to accomplish meaningful change. In doing so, I aim to provide a warm and supportive environment in which to better understand the self, utilize personal strengths, and develop coping skills. I work with people experiencing a variety of challenges, but I specialize helping those dealing with social anxiety, depression, phobias, stress-management, and adjustment to transitions in life. I primarily utilize a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) framework, focusing on the connections between our thoughts, behaviors, and emotions, but pull from Exposure, Mindfulness, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) depending on the needs of the individual. I believe the client is the expert on their own experiences, and aim to be an ally in helping my clients make sustainable, lasting, and meaningful steps toward a more fulfilling life. The foundations of doing so include listening, feedback, honesty, and trust.

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