PeaceTree Assessments

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Psychological Assessments & Evaluations

PeaceTree offers comprehensive psychological tests, assessments, and evaluations. The services we provide include but are not limited to the following areas:

  • Psychoeducational Testing (learning strengths/challenges)
  • Neuropsychological Testing (ADHD)
  • Psychological Evaluations
  • ACT 235
  • Public Safety Evaluations
  • Personality Testing
  • Autism Evaluations

PeaceTree also provides psychological screeners to help inform your decision about pursuing a full psychological evaluation. For example, it may be unclear if a person’s challenges managing their impulses are related to depression, trauma, or impulse control issues. Tests provide a snapshot of the potential nature of a person’s significant issues. The tests we offer include but are not limited to the following domains:

  • ADHD symptoms (inattention, distractibility, impulsivity)
  • Mood disorders (depression, anxiety)
  • Trauma
  • Intellectual Disabilities
  • Developmental Disabilities
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